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Old World German Sausage Company has been established in Oakland, California, since 1968. Over the course of more than three decades, the company has won many awards and was able to earn a highly respectable status in the regional meat market. Today, we can proudly emphasize, the company enjoys an outstanding customer loyalty trust and continues to develop strong relationship with both its customers and suppliers. 

This decade-long trend of success has been further accelerated in 1998 after the change in the company leadership took place. A new and dynamic managing team has taken over the executive and operational control and soon after that our production capabilities and offerings, sales, and most importantly, customer satisfaction have skyrocketed. 

OWGS is also a proud member of National Meat Association (NMA). Last year we have improved our production line, and now, in addition to traditional meat offerings we are offering a wide palette of Euro-Mediterranean meat products which now represent 10% of our overall production. 

Furthermore, our presence in local restaurants and meat shops market has significantly increased , and the firm now supplies over 100 business entities across the nation. This segment of our customers is very diverse and we have adjusted marketing and production strategies to satisfy variety of business needs and capabilities. Our customers range from individual retail shoppers to small mom-and-pop stores to global giants such is Safeway, Inc. 

The diversity of our customer base and its unique demand had shaped our strategic goals and now we are expanding our production line into the “Real Dry Meat” production locality: The Sierra Nevada! Our ecologically responsible facility, currently in construction, is nested at 6,500 feet and will open its doors in early 2004 and will have a primary purpose of producing highest quality dried meats.

If you would like to learn more about Old World, please feel free to contact us at the numbers listed under! 

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